Friday, 28 June 2013

The E-commerce Process

Our Knowledge Centre is now open and we guarantee the Knowledge will just keep growing.  
For sometime now I have understood the basics of e-commerce, the theory, the whys and how to, but nothing really gets the brain going and the knowledge rising until you experience the practicality and implementation of it. 
Using off the shelf apps or add-ons like Shopify are an excellent base to begin with, but as you work your way through needs and expectations of a system you quickly begin to realise that the ability to think laterally, to push boundaries of what you have, all assist in achieving what is your end product.  There is no one size fits all.  
My advice is to fully understand your clients business and processes and take the time to map out what is required. Things to include are branding, types of products, freight or how the products will be delivered,  who looks after the accounts, who looks after distribution, who is in charge of new clients and developing relationships and not to forget who will maintain the e-commerce platform. These are all key areas that alter how your on-line e-commerce system works and looks. Most of all have patience and good communication skills as most of the time you will be dealing with people online from somewhere over there. 
As The Accountants' RePublic are here to help educate you the Public Accountant, I am more than happy to assist with any queries you may have on setting up your clients on e-commerce platforms such as this. 
Until then, take a look around our Knowledge Centre.  To access free content you have to be a fully published member of The Accountants' RePublic, to become a member check out details here.

cheers Pippa 

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